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This Thing Works Great!
February 16th, 2022
I typically burn 24/7 but after a week, the ashes are up to the door of my small woodburner. Everything I read says to scoop out some ashes, and leave the hot coals. But whenever I've tried to do that, when the hot ash goes into the bucket on the hearth, ashes plume into the air, creating a layer of dust on the floor. With the Logan Shovel, I shovel out mostly ash, but some hot coals also, leaving plenty of coals in to keep a fire going. But the beauty is - that I capture the ash in the firebox, and close the lid while in the firebox. The hot ash that rises in the process, goes up the chimney while I close the lid and pull it out of the firebox. Then I walk it right outside to an ash bucket. No mess on the floor (maybe just a small amount of ashes right at the woodburner door) and I'm good to go for another day or two, before I take another scoop or two out. I'm able to continue to burn continuously without shutting the fire down to clean out the ash.

Daryl Strauss

Highly Recommended
January 26th, 2022
My brother in-law had one of these, and he recommended it. Not only does it keep the dust down, but it also keeps it cleaner around the wood stove!  I would highly recommend this scoop to anyone who burns wood!   My only regret is that I didn't find this sooner!  This is a must have!

Thomas Peterson

Extremely Pleased
December 18th, 2019
We are extremely pleased with our purchase of the Logan Shovel. There's been a major reduction in the mess that comes with burning wood in our home. The shovel does everything you claim. Thank you for bringing this product to production.

It delivers On All That It Promises
March 2nd, 2019
I recently purchased your dustless ash shovel and upon (prompt delivery) began using it. My particular wood stove is an Englander NC30. This stove has a very large firebox(3.5 cubic feet) complicated by secondary burn tubes at the top of the firebox and a useless ash clean out knob located in the middle of the fire box floor. Your shovel navigated both obstacles with no complications, removes significant amounts of ash and/or hot coals with every scoop creating no mess. Congratulations on providing a product which is well made and delivers on all that it promises, a rarity in today's world. I wish you continued success.

Respectfully, Michael Hayes

Well Built, Very Useful Tool
October 14th, 2018
Received the Logan shovel couple of days after the order. It took very little time to assemble and test it. The product is well made with heavy gauge steel. There are couple of differentiators that helped me choose this product compared to other competitors; It is made in US, and has a long handle which makes it safer to reach into a hot wood stove and scoop-up ash and hot coals. The Ash door slides down easily, and covers the shovel to contain the ash and hot coals before you remove it from wood stove. I am looking forward in using it with our new wood stove.

Very Sturdy Tool
January 3rd, 2018
The shipping was very fast. Assembly was simple with a 3/8" wrench. Very sturdy tool. After the Postman drops it off, you'll have two shovelfuls out of a hot stove and the fire refreshed with new logs in 30 minutes. Should last forever. On very cold days I'll scoop four times.

Looks Good Displayed Next To Stove When Not In Use
October 5th, 2015
Finally I can clean out my wood stove and not make a mess of the house. No more buying cheap ash buckets and shovels that never last. This dustless shovel replaces those perfectly, and looks good displayed next to our stove when not in use. The handle is a comfortable fit; very sturdy and keeps my hands away from the heat. Now I don't dread cleaning out my stove anymore and it's so simple I use it daily. I can easily tell from the build quality that I will own it for many years to come. Such a great product, wish I had it years ago, and it's made in USA!

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